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TLEC Rehabilitation Center for the Blind

Motto: In Partnership With God

Our Vision

World class pediatric and adult (re)habilitation of visually impaired persons

Our Mission

Raising individuals able to excel regardless of visual or multiple disability

Our Purpose

To help those who cannot see enough to function in society.

Because low vision or blindness can’t be fixed with glasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery it makes it hard to do everyday activities.

If it involves a child, they cannot learn at same pace as normal sighted kids.

Nevertheless, these children still have a right to be provided with the same opportunities for acquiring knowledge and skills as any other children.

To do this, they have to be equipped appropriately with the right assistive devices and the knowledge of how to use them including the relevant apps that will make day to day living convenient and just as productive for them as any other sighted person.

Our Services

Your Vision is your power, Protect it.

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